Our treatment process

Committing to orthodontic treatment is a life changing experience, but not a decision to be taken lightly. Courtenay Orthodontics will provide you with long-term specialist treatment ensuring your smile lasts!

Bespoke care from the get-go

When you schedule in for a New Patient consultation we will talk through your concerns and may take records (photographs, xrays, and impressions of your teeth). If you are ready to go ahead with treatment we may book you in for a second appointment or start the ball rolling with appointments to get your treatment underway. Once you’re all booked in you’ll receive a new patient pack detailing the treatment plan, duration, fees, and information about orthodontic treatment, along with a consent for treatment.

What does it cost?

Our fee will depend on what treatment option is best for you and how long this takes.

Consultations generally cost around $75-$100, with full records (including two different x-rays, diagnostic photographs, and a treatment plan) costing an additional $400. All prices are GST inclusive.

Our full treatment fee is an all inclusive cost that covers laboratory costs, the cost of braces/appliances and fitting, adjustments during the active orthodontic treatment period (i.e. the time you have your braces on – 18-24 months, on average), retainers, and annual retention checks for 20 months following the braces coming off. We will give you an indication of your treatment cost at your consultation with us. We offer a range of payment options to suit your budget and situation. (Note Invisalign costs tend to be higher than traditional braces treatment, due to extensive laboratory services included in the treatment package.)

Ongoing care

Once you have your braces on we will see you on average every six to eight weeks to check on your progress, make adjustments, and change O-rings (the tiny clear or coloured elastics that keep the wire on the brackets). These adjustments will either be with our specialist orthodontists or our orthodontic auxiliary staff.

The retention phase

Treatment doesn’t end when your braces (or plate or Invisalign) are removed. We take pride in our results and want to ensure our high quality finish is maintained. Despite all the time and effort you have put into straightening your teeth, those pearly whites will want to move back to their original positions once the braces are off – not overnight of course, but overtime. To help keep the teeth in position we may provide you with upper and/or lower retainer wires. These will be fixed to your upper or lower teeth (in behind where no-one can see them) and/or removable (plastic retainers that you wear while you sleep). We will see you for 1-3 more visits over 20 months following your treatment – these visits are called retention checks. (The cost of these visits are included in your overall orthodontic treatment fee.) Unless you require a new retainer.

Replacement Retainer costs: Clear removable retainer are $150.00ea and Fixed retainer wires are $450.00 to replace.

Get in touch with Courtenay Orthodontics to get your treatment underway.